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How to King Spa

  1. Once you check in you will be given a key band. This key will open and close your lockers. You can use the key to purchase things such as treatments and food. The keys are not linked to any credit cards so you must pay when you check out.

  2. When you enter the locker room area there are 2 lockers one for your shoes and one for your clothing. (Suitcases, big duffle bags and etc will not fit inside the lockers. Any lockers that become stuck because of over filling the lockers will be charged $35 to replace the locks.)

  3. Outside food and drinks are prohibited.

  4. We are a barefoot facility so no footwear inside. This includes sandals, flip flops and crocs. Guests are welcome to wear clean socks.

  5. Guests must wear King Spa uniforms inside the facility. Sizes range from XS-4XL. We also offer 1 robe per guest to use during your stay.

  6. Swimwear policy: Swimwear must be made out of swimwear material (nylon, spandex or lycra) Street clothing such as basketball shorts, cotton shirts and denim are prohibited. Using King Spa uniforms to swim will lead to immediate expulsion from the facility.

  7. We are a smoke, drug and alcohol-free facility. The following are strictly prohibited. King spa reserves the right to refuse the admission of or eject those who are under the influence or who have any condition that poses a threat to the health or safety of themselves and/or others. Guests found to be smoking will be asked to leave the facility.

  8. Cameras, recording devices and selfie sticks are strictly prohibited inside the locker room and bath areas. Guests that do not follow the this, will be asked to leave without a refund. Please respect the privacy of others.

  9. No disruptive cell phone and noise. Be respectful of our relaxation areas and saunas. Refrain from loud conversations and/or noises.

  10. We closely monitor weather conditions to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. In cases of lighting, thunder or ice wea are required to close all outdoor amenities for 30 minutes since the lase instance. If we could control the weather, we would. Unfortunately, during these storms and with high winds, it would be unsafe for you to be outside. Your safety is our #1 concern. We do not offer rain checks, refunds or discounts because of weather closures.

  11. King Spa is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property in or about our premises.

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